Dear Fordham,

Re: Our Pride and Joy

Last weekend, for the second year in a row, Fordham hosted the Outreach Conference on Catholic Ministry and the LGBTQ community. With welcome letters from Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan, the conference created (as the pope described in his handwritten note) a beautiful “culture of encounter.” Outreach followed Fordham’s own impressive Ignatian Q conference.

During this Pride Month, I want to say directly to our own LGBTQ community of students, faculty, administrators, and staff that you are loved by Fordham and by the fellow members of the Fordham community. Most of all, I want you to know in your core that you are bathed in God’s overwhelming love and acceptance.

We are in awe of your courage. As a deep part of our mission, we will work ever harder to make you feel respected, welcome, and safe.

All my best,

Tania Tetlow