Troy Tassier
Troy Tassier

In a series of plainspoken lectures, Troy Tassier, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics, drills down into recent data and projections for COVID-19. Tassier describes the first three videos as background to help the uninitiated understand the epidemiology of infectious diseases. The fourth video applies knowledge garnered from the first three videos and applies it to COVID-19. The final video examines what might have happened to Italy had it not implemented social distancing measures. Tassier admits that the videos are quick hits to get the information out there. “I sacrificed a bit of pizzazz for timeliness!” he said. 

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Part 1 – SIR Models

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Part 2 – Reproduction Number or R

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Part 3 – Herd Immunity

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Part 4 – Data and Flattening TWO Curves

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Part 5 – What if Italy hadn’t implemented social distancing?


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