Fordham’s Rose Hill campus played host to the New York City’s Department of Sanitation and the Bronx community on July 25, as the University opened up its parking lot A for a SAFE (Solvents, Automotive, Flammables, and Electronics) disposal event.

The event drew 400 residents from the Bronx, who disposed hard-to-recycle items such as mace, flares, mobile phones, and propane tanks.

A medley of old cell phones collected at Rose Hill

“The parking lot is an ideal staging ground for this sort of event, and we’re always happy to open it up to the Bronx community for events like this,” said Robert Fitzer, assistant operations manager in the Fordham department of public safety.

SAFE events, which are held just twice a year in each borough, are open to residents who need to dispose of wastes that cannot be discarded as garbage or a recyclable. Items included motor oil, transmission fluid, spent batteries, unwanted medicines and cosmetics, thermometers, syringes, electronics, and household products such as pesticides, paint, hazardous cleaners, spent compact fluorescent light bulbs.

A list of upcoming SAFE events can be found here:


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