After consultation with the Deans and Vice Presidents, the following contingency plan is in effect during the transit strike.

1. Examinations at Rose Hill and Marymount will be held as scheduled. Parking will be available for those who need it.

2. At Lincoln Center, the examination schedule will remain in effect for students in Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Fordham College of Liberal Studies/Lincoln Center, GBA, GSE, and those sections of CBA and of Graduate Arts and Sciences now being offered at Lincoln Center. Law School faculty, students, and staff should consult the Law School web site for any updates to the Law School’s plans. Graduate School of Social Service MSW classes at Lincoln Center on Saturday, December 17 and doctoral classes on Wednesday, December 21 will be held as scheduled. If students are unable to attend, appropriate arrangements should be made with their professors.

3. If faculty teaching those classes can reach Lincoln Center, I would urge them to make every attempt to do so.  Ram Van service will expand between Lincoln Center and Rose Hill.  In addition, the service will include transportation among Lowenstein, the Port Authority, and Penn Station. (The schedule for this service is separately announced on the University’s homepage.)

4. If you are unable to reach the Lincoln Center campus, please contact your Dean’s office to arrange proctoring during the regular examination period.

5. In the event of a strike, make-up examinations for students who were unable to reach Lincoln Center during the examination period will occur on the following schedule (Dr. Himmelberg will announce a separate schedule for GBA, and Dean Treanor has developed one for students in Law):

For examinations scheduled on: Makeup examinations will be held:
Tuesday, December 20

Wednesday, December 21

Thursday, December 22

Friday, January 13

Thursday, January 12

Wednesday, January 11

Thank you for your assistance.

John Hollwitz