Dear Members of the Fordham Family,

The leadership of Fordham University, and indeed all people of good will, are horrified by the losses of innocent lives in the Parkland shooting, as well as the many other school shootings that have occurred in recent years. The University stands with Fordham students who demonstrate against this horrific violence, as do so many students across the country.

The University strongly advocates that our students turn their concern into action by leading letter-writing campaigns to Washington and to the legislatures in their home states. This is an essential step if we wish to effect change. Fordham University affirms that it is not only a civic responsibility to curtail gun violence, but a mandate dictated by Catholic, Jesuit teachings on the the sanctity of life.

In accord with that position and the University’s demonstration policy, currently enrolled Fordham students will face no student conduct sanctions for peaceful and respectful demonstrations against gun violence on or off campus.

Students who apply for admission to Fordham University should be confident that being disciplined for participation in peaceful demonstrations against gun violence will have no adverse effect on their admission decisions.

Joseph M. McShane, S.J.