Dear Fordham,

Unlike most federal holidays, we do not move the celebration of Veterans Day to a more convenient Monday because the date itself has such meaning. In 1918, the armistice to end World War I was signed on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. If you have ever been in central London at that moment, traffic stops and the bells toll.

In this country, we honor all veterans today, those who served in combat and those who protected us from future combat through their service. And we remember their families, who also make so many sacrifices.

Fordham is forever shaped by the determination and courage of our own veterans, who served both in peacetime and in combat—from the American Civil War to Afghanistan. Fordham alumni have been awarded six Congressional Medals of Honor and seven Presidential Medals of Freedom, a record probably unmatched outside of the military academies.

For all of the veterans in our Fordham community, you have our endless gratitude, for your service and for the gifts you bring to our community. We honor you today and every day.

All my best,

Tania Tetlow