A TV producer covers Brexit, OPEC, the French elections, and Vladimir Putin

As Bloomberg TV executive producer for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Annmarie Hordern oversees a team of about a dozen producers from Dubai to London, where she’s based. They’ve produced programming on a wide range of topics, from Brexit to OPEC to the French elections.

Making the cover: Hordern is pictured to the right of the Russian president. (Photo by Jeremy Liebman, courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek)
Making the cover: Hordern is seen standing next to the Russian president. (Photo by Jeremy Liebman, courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek)

“Last night we did four hours of breaking news with the numbers coming out,” she said by phone the day after the first round of the French presidential vote. She enjoys the fast-paced work. “You’re thinking as quickly as you can on your feet about how you’re going to tell that story.”

The Long Island native said it’s an “amazing time” to be in Europe. “It just seems like there are never-ending interesting stories to cover that will really have an affect on our future.”

Last November, Hordern was at the OPEC meeting in Vienna when the group decided to cut its oil production for the first time in eight years. OPEC is one of her favorite stories to cover, she said, in part because of the major potential impact of the work. “Any news we end up reporting,” she said, “could move the price of oil or other assets.”

Perhaps Hordern’s biggest story was Bloomberg’s exclusive interview with Vladimir Putin in September 2016, just before the U.S. elections. As the producer, Hordern handled the many logistical issues that come with producing content for several outlets, including Bloomberg Businessweek. “It’s about trying to work as one global team,” said Hordern, who also went to Tehran to cover Iran’s elections in May.

This year, Hordern was named to Forbes’ “30-Under-30 Europe” list for media. When she was under 20, she got her start as student reporter at WFUV, Fordham’s public media station.

“When I went to Fordham I wanted to be a lawyer. That was before I stepped foot into [WFUV News and Public Affairs Director] George Bodarky’s office,” she said. She realized she’d been bitten by the journalism bug “the first time they sent me out with a mult box and a mic.”

Bodarky said Hordern “was on a path to greatness from day one. It’s just who she is.” He recalled her first feature, about a couple that exchanged vows in a shark tank. “She won two feature awards for that piece.”

While at Fordham Hordern interned for Charlie Rose, which proved fortuitous. “He tapes at Bloomberg TV,” she said. With a little help from an FUV alumna at Bloomberg who passed on her resume, Hordern started working at Bloomberg TV in New York the summer after graduation. “I was a production assistant. … Slowly they would give me more responsibility, and I said yes to everything.”

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