A physicist treks to the South Pole to map light left over from the Big Bang. A Foreign Service officer prepares for her first diplomatic post. A dancer with scoliosis rises to become one of the breakout stars in her field.

Meet these and 17 other young alumni—all in their 20s—who are amplifying the spirit of passionate engagement that’s been at the heart of the Fordham mission since 1841.

Sama HabibJoshua SobrinPaige FraserAnthony IliakostasCarolyn CataniaHussein SafaKathleen AdamsBrittney CavaliereWander CedeñoKateri WoodyEvan SmoakNavena ChaitooJayson BrowderLauren DucaSean KenneyCarlisdania MendozaAnnmarie HordernDavid QuatemanRazeen ZamanAlex Corbitt