Jeffrey Haynes

WHO HE IS: Technology Liaison to the Gabelli School of Business

Jeffrey Haynes, Technology Liaison to the Gabelli School of Business Photo by Joanna Klimaski
Jeffrey Haynes, Technology Liaison to the Gabelli School of Business
Photo by Joanna Klimaski

“I handle all aspects related to information technology (IT) for the business school, which includes maintaining our servers and our website, and handling all types of infrastructure, including our networks and computer services.” In addition to managing day-to-day IT for the business school, Haynes was integral to planning the technology for the newly renovated Hughes Hall, home of the Gabelli School of Business.

“It’s a pretty big job. But luckily, I was instrumental in the design of the technology of this building from the beginning. So although managing it has its challenges, I understand the ins and outs of how it was put together. And there is a great staff that assists me, so it’s not just me running around to classrooms all hours of the day.”

HIS FAVORITE PART OF HUGHES HALL: “One of the most amazing examples of technology we have is in the honors room, which is a conference-style room surrounded by glass. We have four locations on the main table where any student can connect a laptop to the main screen right from his or her seat without any further connections—just like in a real boardroom, where anyone can display their computer screens, whether they have an iPad, Macbook, laptop, etc. This really helps with collaboration. [Donna Rapaccioli, Ph.D., dean of the Gabelli School] is all about collaborating—getting the students, faculty, and staff together in the most convenient way possible. That’s what I was tasked to do—to enable interactions, which is what this building is all about.

HOW HE GOT INTO TECHNOLOGY: “I’ve been interested in technology since I was very young. I went to the Polytechnic Institute of New York University and got my degree in computer engineering. From there, I’ve always kept up with it. For me, technology is not a job—it’s my passion. I’m fortunate that the dean gives me the space, the power, and the resources to bring that passion to the business school.”

OTHER ROLES AT FORDHAM: “My first job was at the Help Desk from 2003 to 2005. I worked desk side support and did web design before moving over to the business school.”

ALL IN THE FAMILY: “One of my sisters went to Fordham, and she met her husband here. Fordham and the Jesuit tradition have always been a part of my family. So I’ve always felt at home here, even before starting to work here.”

WHAT MAKES HIM PROUD: Haynes was awarded the Garrett J. Fitzgerald Administrator Award at Awards Night this past May, which was presented by the dean of the business school.

“It was an amazing honor. I’m really proud of that award.”


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