First Hispanics as Deans at Fordham University*
Telemundo 09-22-2023
“For the dynamic duo that knows about the long journey to become a professional in their field, their mission is to bring more Hispanics to Fordham University” said Allan Villafaña about José Luis Alvarado and Diane Rodriguez, whom he notes are the first Hispanic pair to lead one of Fordham’s graduate schools. “We need to be in this position to be able to amplify the voices of all the students who are just like us; who wish to be successful,” said Alvarado, dean of the Graduate School of Education. (Translated to English)
Editor’s Note: We are aware of at least two other Hispanic deans who preceded Deans Alvarado and Rodriguez.

“Dead Man Walking” at Sing Sing
The New Yorker 09-28-2023
The run-up to the Met première was thoroughly out of the ordinary. … Then Prejean and her guests walked down the block to Fordham University’s Manhattan campus, to discuss the state of the movement with students. (“Sister Helen and a hundred and fifty of her closest friends,” as David Gibson, the director of Fordham’s Center on Religion and Culture, put it to me.)

Who’s being listened to on the global stage? Increasingly not who you might think
The Associated Press 09-26-2023
“The General Assembly is always the biggest platform for countries that don’t get a spotlight,” says Anjali Dayal, an associate professor of international politics at Fordham University and an expert on the United Nations and other international organizations.

Remember her? Why your favorite Black female characters are being “summarily dismissed”
Salon 09-25-2023
The way Brandy Monk-Payton, an associate professor at Fordham University who specializes in race and representation in film and television describes the Disposable Black Girlfriend trope is similar to the former Black Best Friend trope.

‘Anything for my family’: Venezuelans in US welcome temporary protected status
The Guardian 09-25-2023
“They will be able to work legally with authorization, but let’s be honest and realistic about how much that’s going to really have them be self-sufficient and not necessarily reliant on others for support,” Gemma Solimene, director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic and professor at Fordham University School of Law, said.

Cardinal Bernadin’s ‘consistent ethic of life’ addresses contemporary challenges
Vatican News 09-28-2023
In a speech at Fordham University in New York City, Cardinal Blase Cupich discussed the enduring legacy of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin’s “Consistent Ethic of Life.” The Archbishop of Chicago reflected on the ethical framework of his predecessor emphasizing the interconnectedness of various life issues, including abortion, nuclear war, poverty, and euthanasia, all founded on the belief in the sanctity of every human life.

Trump’s Sprawling Legal Defense Effort Comes Under Strain
The New York Times 09-28-2023
Bruce Green, who teaches legal ethics at Fordham Law School in New York, said there was not much meaningful difference between grand jury witnesses asking Mr. Trump’s lawyers for help in finding legal representation and the lawyers reaching out to the witnesses to see if they wanted or needed representation.

Biden Has a Plan B for Student-Loan Forgiveness. The Courts Could Kill It, Too.
The Wall Street Journal 09-22-2023
“They could easily apply that same kind of idea to an approach that was based on the Higher Education Act,” said John Brooks, a law professor at Fordham University who has studied federal student loan programs. “It’s just a little bit harder to get there because the administration is on firmer footing.”

Alabama seeks to execute inmate with ‘untested’ nitrogen hypoxia
The Washington Post 09-27-2023
Deborah Denno, a law professor at Fordham University who studies the death penalty, said “it’s pretty appalling” that the state would offer so little detail in its protocol. “For a method that’d never been used, it’s incredibly vague,” Denno said.

‘The Untouchables’: How Columbia and N.Y.U. Benefit From Huge Tax Breaks
The New York Times 09-26-2023
Other major universities in the city have a larger percentage of New Yorkers. At Fordham University in the Bronx, 23 percent of undergraduates come from New York City, a percentage that has been stable for the last decade. At N.Y.U., about 17 percent of undergraduate students are New York City residents.

Biden’s Call to Expand UNSC Membership Likely to Go Unheeded
Voice of America 09-21-2023
Anjali Dayal, associate professor of international politics at Fordham University, told VOA Mandarin, “Everybody agrees that the Security Council needs to be reformed, but nobody agrees on how it should be reformed.”

Trump and his company face $250 million fraud trial in N.Y.
The Washington Post 09-21-2023
Cheryl Bader, a former federal prosecutor and law professor at Fordham University who is not part of the case, said that James’s team can be expected to prove that Trump’s figures were nowhere near the actual property values.

Will new Chancery Court rule chill objections in shareholder litigation?
Reuters 09-27-2023
In another board compensation case, Fordham University law professor Sean Griffith, represented by Rickey, is currently trying to replace the lead shareholder in a long-running challenge to Goldman Sachs’ (GS.N) payments to outside directors. Griffith, who has previously blocked two proposed settlements in that case, has said that he’ll toss the case if he can’t reach a better deal for shareholders than the current lead plaintiff. (His request is pending.)

Justice Calls for Access to Mental Health
Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education 09-23-2023
“In the shared work of taking action to address the social justice issues which underlie our current mental health crisis, we are all in a position of power and privilege to take steps, individually and collectively, to promote such a simple yet powerful message inspired by the Jesuit tradition, both within our institutions and beyond them,” wrote Eric C. Chen, professor of counseling psychology and coordinator of the Mental Health Counseling Program in the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University.

The conservative Catholic ‘misinformation’ campaign against the Synod of Bishops
National Catholic Reporter 09-28-2023
Now the director for the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University, [David] Gibson said he believes the “journalistic malpractice” that he sees in how the synod is covered by right-wing outlets tracks with the growing political and cultural polarization in the United States, and the radicalization among some conservative thought leaders that Gibson said is facilitated and encouraged by money and social media.

Cupich calls for ‘integral ethic of solidarity’ at Fordham
National Catholic Reporter 09-27-2023
The talk, which was sponsored by two of Fordham’s on-campus think tanks, the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies and the Center on Religion and Culture, drew over a hundred New Yorkers to the school’s Lincoln Center campus, including professors, students, seminarians and clergy.

The Fastest Woman in the World Is Leaving Her Haters Behind
The Advocate 09-25-2023
“Some people are just fairweather fans; they’ll switch with the tides,” said Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University who has written about sports and respectability politics. “She struggled after her mother died. We’re expecting someone to go do their job at the highest levels after their mother died. Grief doesn’t doesn’t go away in 24 hours, and there was some trauma in the family. … I think there’s a level of grace and understanding that people just don’t have for public figures, and that goes for all public figures, especially athletes, but especially for Black athletes, and most especially for Black women.”

Why some critics are so horrified by Alabama’s new execution method
The Week 09-22-2023
The protocols, as written, force one to “only speculate” about how the actual procedure will occur, execution researcher and Fordham University law professor Deborah Denno told The Guardian. In particular, Denno focused on the prescriptive rules for placing and maintaining the mask on the prisoner as “especially puzzling,” asking “what if the inmate tries to take it off, immediately or during the procedure?” — a contingent not addressed in the document.

The Most Powerful Women in Finance: No. 13, Teresa Heitsenrether, JPMorgan Chase
American Banker 09-27-2023
Her [Teresa Heitsenrether] influence also extends to academia through her position on the board of Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, illustrating her commitment to shaping future business leaders through education and mentorship.

Climate activism as ‘way of life’: How the Sunrise Movement hopes to mobilize NYC
Gothamist 09-22-2023
Two young activists with the New York City chapter of Sunrise Movement, which hopes to mobilize young people on climate change, joined “Morning Edition” on Thursday. Laura Beckman is a volunteer organizer with the local sunrise chapter. Ryan Chen, a senior at Fordham University, also volunteers with the organization.

Caitlin Meehye Beach Awarded the 35th Annual Eldredge Prize for Her Book “Sculpture at the Ends of Slavery”
Smithsonian 09-27-2023
[Caitlyn] Beach is an assistant professor of art history and affiliated faculty in African and African American studies at Fordham University, and for the academic year 2023–24, she is co-director of Fordham’s newly established program in Asian American studies.

Jesuits and nuns team up to bring education to vulnerable African girls
America: The Jesuit Review 09-27-2023
“Those are my girls,” said Rosemary Nyribume, S.H.S., the director of St. Monica’s Girls Tailoring Center in Gulu, Uganda. In her keynote address at this side event, held at Fordham University’s Law School, she cited the “millions of girls who are sexually abused,” highlighting especially the suffering endured by young girls who had been used as sex slaves after their abduction by the Lord’s Resistance Army, a Christian extremist group active in Northern Uganda.

Generative AI and US copyright law are on a collision course
Computer World 09-22-2023
That’s unlikely to change due to legislation or administrative action in the near future, according to Ron Lazebnik, clinical associate professor at Fordham University School of Law. Litigation, however, could challenge that standard, he noted.

Catholic sisters, activists express worry by lack of progress on UN goals
Global Sisters Report 09-25-2023
In remarks at one of the many “side events” during the United Nations meetings — this one at Fordham University on improving educational opportunities for girls and young women in Africa — Simone Yankey-Ouattara, coordinator with the African Union International Center for Girls and Women’s Education in Africa, said Sept 18 that statistics about girls’ education in Africa are “alarming” and underscore “the pressing need and urgency of investing in girls’ education.”

The many tactics of climate change deniers
The Daily Star 09-23-2023
“So what can be done to counter the cock and bull stories of this breed of climate change deniers? In order to counteract their irrational arguments, social and traditional media could do more to broadcast the views of experts, who are generally trusted by the public. Also effective will be preemptively refuting their falsification of proven scientific facts. These will help the public develop analytical skills to detect misinformation on their own,” wrote Quamrul Haider, professor emeritus at Fordham University.

Trade policy ignores people with disabilities, says Finland’s FM report
European Interest 09-26-2023
To address this gap the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland commissioned a study to increase knowledge and awareness of the multiple ways in which international trade affects the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. The study was prepared by Dr. Marzia Fontana from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex and professor Sophie Mitra from Fordham University in New York City.

The Bond of Perfection: From the Consistent Ethic of Life to an Integral Ethic of Solidarity
L’Osservatore Romano 09-27-2023
Forty years after Cardinal Bernardin’s landmark speech at Fordham University in which he set out a “consistent ethic of life,” his successor as Archbishop of Chicago continues to broaden the conversation that first began in 1983. In this talk, given on Wednesday afternoon, 26 September at Fordham University, Cardinal Blase Cupich amplified the vision of both the Pope and Cardinal Bernardin, setting it in the contemporary American context and pointing toward a path beyond the culture wars.

News Talk AM 1490 – Hartford-New Haven, CT – Audio unavailable
News Talk 09-25-2023
You will hear from Dr. Annie George Puskar, who is the Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Teaching at Fordham University. She’s really going to talk about and highlight Yeah the best practices on working with children today and education.

Greenwich United Way Hosts Reading Champions Open House
Greenwich Sentinel 09-18-2023
The program will also feature Dr. Annie George-Puskar, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Teaching at Fordham University. Dr. George-Puskar is an early childhood learning specialist focused on early intervention and instruction and serves as the Co-Chair and Program Coordinator for the Innovation in Curriculum & Instruction PhD Program at Fordham.

Young people mobilize on climate change
WNYC News 09-22-2023
Laura Beckman is a volunteer organizer with the New York City chapter of Sunrise Movement, Ryan Chen is a senior at Fordham University and a volunteer with the organization. They join WNYC’s David Furst to discuss how the organization is working to mobilize young people on climate change.

“I was the lead. Denzel was a stage prop”: Morgan Freeman Broke a Lot of Hearts after Brutally Roasting Denzel Washington at Awards Show
FandomWire 09-24-2023
“I told him this- ‘You’re that brilliant young actor just out of Fordham University. That was a great suggestion. Joe Papp never thought of it. Hell, Shakespeare didn’t think of that one! Clearly, you know better than the two of them how this thing should be staged,’” said Morgan Freeman.

Eagles’ Howie Roseman, Bucs’ Jason Licht: fast friends, thriving GMs
Tampa Bay Times 09-23-2023
In high school, he [Howie Roseman] sent letters to every club, and the campaign was accelerated during his time at the University of Florida and Fordham School of Law. Eventually, persistence paid off when he connected with Mike Tannenbaum, the pro personnel director of the Jets at the time.

McCullough, Goldberger & Staudt, LLP Selected as 2023 Super Lawyers
Patch 09-26-2023
He [Steven Wrabel] is admitted to the New York State Bar and received his J.D. from Fordham University School of Law, where he was Notes and Articles Editor for the Environmental Law Review, as well as a B.A. from Boston College.

My Running Club, My Everything
The New York Times 09-24-2023
When Stephen McGowan, 37, who works in graduate admissions at Fordham University, started the BX Pints and Pavement running club in the Bronx in 2019, he swore off dues. “The membership fee is that you show up with an open mind,” he said. … “I think it’s really important in the Bronx to have no barrier to entry,” he added. “If you have a fee, even a small one, you are holding someone back from participating, and then there is no point.”

The Real World Season 5 (Miami): Where Are They Now?
The Cinemaholic 09-23-2023
By 25, the Fordham University graduate [Joe Patane] was eager to kickstart his own business and create new memories. Albeit the highs and lows of the romantic relationship that kept Joe occupied throughout the season, the television personality has achieved several things. After the show, he began exploring his creativity and discovered his acumen for filmmaking. Ultimately, he diverted his focus into direction, production and writing.