Woman passes bar exam on 1st try more than a decade after being released from prison
ABC News 04-30-2024
[Afrika] Owes, a third-year student at Fordham University School of Law, is expected to graduate May 20 and hopes to go into tax law and pursue a judicial clerkship in the future. Fordham Law Dean Matthew Diller told “GMA” in a statement that Owes’ story is an inspirational one.

Opinion: The next Census could reveal a very different America
CNN 04-30-2024
“Now the US Census Bureau compounds that error by appointing a 2030 Census Advisory Committee devoid of any Afro Latino experts. These combined failures now risk having systemic racism rendered invisible while Latino decision-makers continue to deny Afro Latinos access. The OMB reform needs further reform,” said Tanya Katerí Hernández, the Archibald R. Murray Professor of Law at Fordham Law School.

Pro-Trump Nonprofit Paid Millions to Companies Tied to Its Own Leaders
The New York Times 05-06-2024
“You have an obligation to behave in the interest of that organization,” said Linda Sugin, a professor of nonprofit law at Fordham University. “The problem is, when you’re on both sides of the transaction, then we’re skeptical that you’re going to put the organization’s interests before your own.”

How Originalism Ate the Law: The Trick
Slate 05-04-2024
On this week’s show, Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern explore the history of originalism. They talk to Professor Jack Balkin about its religious valence, and Saul Cornell [Paul and Diane Guenther Chair in American History at Fordham University] about originalism’s first major constitutional triumph in Heller.

To Make Allergy Season Less Miserable, Plant Different Trees
Bloomberg 05-01-2024
Almost all of the data in the US is collected from the National Allergy Bureau, a network of pollen monitoring stations across the country. In New York City, there’s one at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus.

The storied history of the New York City courthouse where Trump now stands trial
ABC News 04-29-2024
Robert Pigott, an adjunct professor at Fordham University School of Law who gives walking tours of the area, noted the significance of where this historic trial is playing out.

We found cheap tickets to the Tony-nominated musical ‘Stereophonic’
The New York Post 04-30-2024
Tom Pecinka (Peter) studied at Fordham University and received his MFA from the Yale School of Drama before making his bones off-Broadway and on television and film. He has shown up in the TV series “American Rust” as well as the movies “The Kill Room” and “Oh, Canada.”

Google celebrates poet Meena Alexander with a Doodle
UPI 05-01-2024
[Meena] Alexander moved to New York to work at Fordham University in 1979. She started as an assistant professor and later became a Distinguished Professor of English at both Hunter College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

AHRC hosts 44th annual Thurman Munson Awards
Brooklyn Reporter 04-29-2024
[Anne] Gregory-O’Connell was the first female to be enshrined in the Fordham University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1986 after establishing her dominance during her all-star collegiate career (1976-80), scoring 2,548 points for the Rams.

Is Rollins Returning to Benson’s Squad on Law & Order: SVU?
NBC News 05-02-2024
To the shock of viewers, it was revealed Rollins recently became unemployed. She was offered a 10-year contract at Fordham University but turned it down. Rollins was bored as a professor, a sentiment Carisi found humorous considering she’d now be alone all day with nothing to do.

Pugsley Pizza brings slices and surprises to the Bronx
NY1 05-02-2024
It’s not just the pizza that brings customers from the campus of Fordham University across the street and the neighborhood. It’s the music of Natale playing his saxophone with a sparkler attached for special occasions.

‘I knew I could do it!’: A formerly incarcerated single Black mom passes the NY bar on her first try
The Grio 05-03-2024
When the graduates of Fordham University’s School of Law walk across the stage later this month, a formerly incarcerated Black woman — who happened to just pass the bar exam on the first try — will be among them.

Columbia unrest echoes chaotic campus protest movement of 1968
NBC News 04-30-2024
“When I heard about the Hamilton Hall takeover in response to the student suspensions, I thought: Oh wow, this seems very much like what was happening back then. It’s very much like what I saw,” said Mark Naison, a Fordham University professor of history who participated in the 1968 demonstrations at Columbia.

Anti-Israel protests could help elect Trump, warns prof involved in ’68 Columbia takeover
The Hill 04-30-2024
Fordham University professor Mark Naison recounts the history of the university’s Hamilton Hall being the site of past student takeovers.

A history of student protest at Columbia University
The Week 05-01-2024
“When you’re going to Columbia, you know you’re going to an institution which has an honoured place in the history of American protest,” Mark Naison, professor of history and African American Studies at Fordham University, and a participant in the 1968 demonstrations, told AP News.

Today’s campus protests aren’t nearly as big or violent as those last century
STL Today 05-03-2024
“People are terrified,” said [Mark] Naison a professor of history and African & African American Studies at nearby Fordham University.

How Columbia University’s complex history with the student protest movement echoes into today
The Associated Press 05-01-2024
“When you’re going to Columbia, you know you’re going to an institution which has an honored place in the history of American protest,” said Mark Naison, professor of history and African & African American Studies at Fordham University and himself a participant in the 1968 demonstrations. “Whenever there is a movement, you know Columbia is going to be right there.”

FOX 10 News at 5:00 PM 04-30-2024
The commencement ceremony there starts at nine in the morning and we’re told this year the speaker is Tania Tetlow, the president of Fordham University.

News 12 Bronx: New York, NY – VIDEO UNAVAILABLE
News 12 Bronx 04-30-2024
The pizzeria [Michaelangelo’s] is just a five-minute walk from Fordham University on Arthur Avenue, and they’ve been serving up slices on coal-burning stoves for years.