Spring Hill College Announces Tania Tetlow, President of Fordham University, as 2024 Commencement Speaker
Spring Hill College 02-05-2024
Tania Tetlow, president of Fordham University, will address the Spring Hill College Class of 2024 during their commencement ceremony on May 11th. Tetlow is the 33rd president of Fordham, becoming the first woman and layperson to serve in this position.

Messi says he feels much better and hopes to play in Tokyo after a PR disaster in Hong Kong
Associated Press 02-06-2024
Mark Conrad, who teaches law, ethics and sports business at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, reminded fans that a ticket is for a game and does not guarantee a player’s participation. “While it may be true that many fans purchased tickets with the hope of seeing Messi, the ticket is to watch the match, not a specific player — unless there is a condition that says otherwise,” Conrad told The Associated Press.

Where Has Tracy Chapman Been?
The New York Times 02-06-2024
“There’s always been demand for Tracy Chapman to return to performing,” Rich McLaughlin, the program director at WFUV, a radio station in New York that celebrates songwriters, said in an email. “Whether or not it will increase the chances of her doing so, however, is difficult to predict.”

Jesuits in US bolster outreach initiative aimed at encouraging LGBTQ+ Catholics
Associated Press 02-06-2024
There was ample evidence of Outreach’s stature at its conference last June at a branch of Fordham University in New York City. The event was preceded by a handwritten letter of support sent to Martin by Pope Francis, extending “prayers and good wishes” to the participants.

What is the future of Catholic journalism?
National Catholic Reporter 02-05-2024
“What’s happening to diocesan papers is very much tied to the wider media environment,” said David Gibson, a former religion reporter and now director of Fordham University’s Center on Religion and Culture. “The rise of social media and blogs, the fragmentation and atomization of media, and the demand for eyeballs has hit Catholic journalism hard.”

Historic elections in El Salvador. Bukele thinks that democracy is being consolidated, others see the beginning of a dictatorship
Los Angeles Times 02-05-2024
Héctor Lindo, professor emeritus of history and Latin American studies at Fordham University (New York), affirms that Bukele is evoking the spirit of Hernández Martínez and suggests that they both have used control of the legislative power to be re-elected. [Translated from Spanish]

Hage Geingob: Namibian president who played a modernising role
The Conversation 02-04-2024
Studying at the US American Temple University in Philadelphia, the Fordham University (BA) and The New School (MA), both in New York, Geingob was representing Swapo since the mid-1960s at the United Nations.

Rep. Torres, Fordham University co-host urban agriculture and food security roundtable
Bronx Times 02-06-2024
U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres partnered with Fordham University on Friday, Feb. 2, to bring officials together on an issue that sounds far removed from the Bronx: agriculture. “People think about [the U.S. Department of Agriculture]  as a rural agency,” Torres said at the event — but it trickles down to food supply in the Bronx, which in turn impacts public health outcomes.

Why John Dewey’s vision for education and democracy still resonates today
The Conversation 02-09-2024
“Dewey believed that “democracy is a way of life.” He also believed schools could teach that lesson to young people by allowing people in the school to have a meaningful say in the aims of education,” said Nicholas Tampio, professor of political science at Fordham University.

I SEE U, Episode 105: Latino Sounds of Anti-Blackness with Fordham Law Professor Tanya Hernández
Houston Public Media 02-09-2024
The Fordham University Professor of Law [Tanya Hernández] unpacks a misconception that Latinos could be exempt from experiencing racism or discrimination because of their background or ethnicity. Plus, she shares her vulnerabilities in how colorism plays out in her own family.

Eunice Hunton Carter, first Black woman to work as a NYC prosecutor, helped take down powerful mobster
The Grio 02-09-2024
In 1927, she [Eunice Hunton Carter] was accepted to the Fordham University School of Law, and in 1932, she became the first Black woman to graduate, according to the Mob Museum. She passed the bar exam a year later.

UPDATE Bronx Jazz Singer Samara Joy Wins Third Grammy for Best Jazz Performance
Norwood News 02-04-2024
The legendary Dr. Stevie Wonder, a 2023 [honorary doctorate]graduate of Fordham University, as reported, led tributes, along with Lenny Kravitz and Annie Lennox, Jon Batiste and others, to those the music industry lost in 2023, including Tina Turner, Tony Bennett, Clarence Avant, Sinéad O’Connor and Burt Bacharach.

Fordham’s Gabelli School and Net Impact Join Forces to Foster Future Leaders
BNN Breaking 02-06-2024
Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business and the global movement, Net Impact, have recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize and foster their collaboration. The alliance is conceived to empower the next generation of business leaders and enable them to make a profound and enduring impact on global societies.

Marilyn Monroe’s CT drivers’ license, Einstein’s letter, Abe Lincoln’s signature, more up for auction
Hatford Courant 02-06-2024
The company, based in Wilton was founded by and is still run by John Reznikoff. He founded the company at age 18 in 1978 while attending Fordham University.

Former prosecutor joins state attorney race as lone Republican on ballot
Palm Beach Post 02-06-2024
[Samuel] Stern, a resident of West Palm Beach, graduated from Fordham Law School in 2006. He worked for about 18 months as an assistant prosecutor in Hudson County, New Jersey, then spent two years with the U.S. Department of Justice as an assistant U.S. attorney in Newark.

Retro Baltimore: Legendary broadcaster Charles Osgood spent World War II years in Baltimore
The Baltimore Sun 02-06-2024
He [Charles Osgood] eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in 1954 in economics from Fordham University in New York City. Years later, he admitted he spent more time at the college radio station than with his books.

Are You Practicing Tackling Enough? – Vince DiGaetano, Assistant Coach, Fordham University
Coach and Coordinator Media 02-07-2024
Vince DiGaetano is an assistant coach at Fordham University. In this clinic series episode, we “Dig” into the art and science of tackling. It is a skill that demands both physical prowess and strategic understanding.

CBS 2 News at 5 pm 02-09-2024
Dr. Michele Prettyman is an assistant professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University. “Oftentimes, they were meant to correct things that they thought Hollywood just got wrong,” said Prettyman.

Here and Now 02-11-2024
“We worked alongside Fordham University, right here in New York City, to develop this lecture series that was employed twofold: One, it was to honor the impact, the leadership of Dr. Butts in this country, and also to develop a bold new collaboration whereby this church and the university will be committed to developing a new generation of leaders,” said Dr. Marc Lamont Hill.

News 12 Bronx: New York, NY – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
News 12 Bronx 02-12-2024
The ultimate prize in professional football is the Lombardi Trophy, and did you know that it originated at Fordham University? … It’s named after Vince Lombardi, the legendary Green Bay Packers coach and Fordham University class of 1937.