With jury selection complete, Trump’s criminal trial opening arguments are on deck
ABC News 04-18-2024
Twelve jurors and one alternate have been selected to decide Donald Trump’s guilt or innocence in a historic New York criminal trial. Fordham Law School’s Jerry Goldfeder joins the show to discuss.

Trump’s first trial is starting. Here’s how it’ll work
The Guardian 04-15-2024
“The prosecutor is going to want to sort of detail a precise case of ‘these are the documents, it was falsified, he knew and he had the intent’ and is going to try, in some ways, to simplify and streamline this case for the jury,” said Cheryl Bader, a professor at Fordham law school who specializes in criminal justice.

Hundreds of millions up for grabs in environmental justice grants
Floodlight 04-16-2024
“We want to make sure this gives the power back to the community to identify what the priority areas are,” said Surey Miranda-Alarcon, director of campus and community engagement at Fordham University in New York.

Girl dads: Seize your moment
Axios 04-16-2024
Education: Women lead four Ivy League universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth). My Jesuit alma mater, Fordham University, tapped Tania Tetlow as its first lay president.

Over Half of Americans Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep, Here’s Why
Healthline 04-18-2024
Dr. Tiffany YipPh.D., a professor of psychology at Fordham University, says this data suggests that we should be thinking more about how we can increase our sleep while reducing stress.

Controversy is brewing over a lawsuit involving Hermès’ luxury bags
The Week 04-16-2024
When it comes to the lawsuit, Hermès “has it in the bag,” Susan Scafidi, the academic director at Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute, said to The Washington Post.

The NHL is here. Now what?
Deseret News 04-18-2024
Mark Conrad, who directs the sports business concentration and is a professor of law and ethics at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, said he hasn’t seen the Delta Center but it could be difficult to reconfigure the arena for hockey.

Fordham University receives $50 million to tackle air pollution, other environmental issues
News 12 Bronx 04-16-2024
Fordham University announced plans to invest in environmental justice with a $50 million Environmental Protection Act grant. Officials say the funding will be used to address air pollution, food access and toxic cleanups in the boroughs.

Fordham University’s Irish dance company connects students through music and culture in New York
Irish Star 04-16-2024
One of the schools involved is Fordham University, where the Sláinte Irish dance team has been attracting dancers from all over since 2011. The team welcomes dancers of all levels and currently has 22 members of various ages and backgrounds. “You get to meet so many different people. A lot of my really close friends from Fordham were made through Sláinte,” said Allie Small, the team’s co-president.

FBI boards ship amid investigation into what caused Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse
The Baltimore Sun 04-15-2024
Authorities have said there’s no evidence of any hazardous materials spilled in this accident, but that’s just one example of what the FBI could investigate, said Lawrence Brennan, a professor of maritime law at Fordham University’s School of Law.

A Grassroots Approach to Clinical Trial Diversity
Scientific American 04-17-2024
“The vast amount of our research and understanding of Alzheimer’s—and other related dementias—are based on these rarefied, highly educated, high socioeconomic status, non-Latinx white samples,” says Monica Rivera-Mindt, a professor of psychology at Fordham University.

Embrace Pluralism over Racialism
City Journal 04-21-2024
Fordham University’s Jeffrey Cohen estimates that about 8 percent of Muslims are “highly negative” toward Jews, about four times the rate in the general population. When zeroing in on the Jewish state, the picture becomes even bleaker.

I rescued a tiger from an NYC apartment — and other animal tales from Bronx Zoo honcho’s 50 years on the job
New York Post 04-19-2024
In 2003, [JimBreheny, who has a graduate degree in biology from Fordham [University], was attending a speech on responsible pet ownership when, ironically, he was summoned to yank a tiger illegally kept inside a Harlem apartment.

Biden EPA Giving Millions To ‘Immigrant Justice’ Groups Registering, ‘Mobilizing’ Dem-Leaning Voting Bloc
Daily Caller 04-16-2024
As part of a $600 million round of grant funding issued in December 2023 to advance “environmental justice,” the EPA gave out $50 million to a Fordham University-led coalition including the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) and the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice (NJAIJ).

Elizabeth Cullinan, the ‘criminally under-read’ bard of the Bronx Irish
America Magazine 04-16-2024
Last Tuesday, April 9, Fordham University hosted a celebration of the life and work of the writer Elizabeth Cullinan. The event included a book launch for the reissue of Cullinan’s out-of-print short story collection, Yellow Roses, and a reading and panel discussion featuring Mary Gordon, Peter Quinn, Keri Walsh and Angela Alaimo O’Donnell.

AI in real estate discussed during virtual forum
Westfair Business Journal 04-18-2024
The impact of artificial intelligence on the real estate industry came up for discussion in a recent virtual forum hosted by Fordham University’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies and The Business Council of Westchester (BCW).

WWNO 04-15-2024
Christiana Zenner is a professor of theology at Fordham University and sees Laudato si’ in the Cannon of the followers of Saint Francis of Assisi, who dedicated his life to the poor, the animals, and the environment.

WBBM 04-17-2024
“The secret document calls for Russia to launch a wave of measures against what it considers unfriendly countries, including the United States, says the report. I haven’t seen this document, and I can’t verify it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were authentic because of some of the actions we have seen the Russians take over the past few years,” says Beth Knobel, professor at Fordham University.

News 12 Bronx: New York, NY – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
News 12 Bronx 04-18-2024
Three institutions here in the Bronx are taking The Plant-Powered Carbon Challenge in the hope of making our environment better. The goal is to reduce food-related carbon emissions by twenty-five percent in just six years. Fordham University, The New York Botanical Garden, and the Bronx Zoo have all signed up to make it happen.